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I’ve always been interested in art and nature and combining the two was most logical thing to do. Nature and birds in particular are my inspiration. Most important thing for me is to be out in the field, to feel the incomparable emotion of experiencing wild things and wild places. My attempt is to try to capture the character of the birds or animals and the environment around them in their natural habitat; to try to create a sense of ‘being there’….


About Me

I feel the most effective way to learn to paint is to experiment. Most essential thing to do is to enjoy it. Watercolour is my preferred medium for the wildlife paintings , though  also paint with oils ans acrylics.
I have no formal education in Art, but I was always keen on painting. Soon after my graduation (in Physics) I decided to make painting my full time activity. I took some art lessons at an informal Art Club.

Though I finish my paintings indoors the sketches done on the field form the basis for them. Nature ans wildlife is my inspiration and she never stops surprising me. The best experience is when I draw outdoors with no constraint of producing the best; without deliberate effort to ‘get it right’. It’s the purest form of expression of my emotions. Experience of sitting at the edge of a stream or in a forest long enough to ‘vanish’ and become the part of the surroundings is probably recognizable to a lot of us. The bird activity which has ceased with your appearance on the scene initially, starts after you become a part of the ambience. It is a wonderful feeling of acceptance into their world, which can get addictive.

Treks in the Himalayas (including some high altitude), and the Sahyadri mountains (Western Ghats) gave me some beautiful opportunities to experience various ecosystems and wilderness. Some association with the Ecological Society in Pune and with some naturalists increased the awareness of the living wild world.


Some thoughts

Flora and fauna have been integral part of Indian culture, religion and art for centuries. People in India have lived in harmony with nature for ages with conservation of nature a part of religion for Indians. Many rituals associated with everyday life as well as the festivals encourage preservation of nature. Sadly the original reasons for these rituals are being replaced by celebrations. With rapid ‘development’ (to which all of us contribute) the need for conservation is increasing rapidly.


Born – 25th October 1962 in Mumbai and brought up in Pune, I completed my Bachelor of Science from Fergusson college, Pune in 1983 and studied painting at an informal art club.

I have exhibited in several solo and group shows at Art galleries in Pune and Mumbai and at Woodson Art Museum in US.


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Manisha Padhye , Pune – India.

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