Watercolor – 1

Why Watercolor is my preferred medium-

Watercolor is the preferred medium for me ; the experience of painting, especially birds, in this watercolors for me is quick and expressive. This medium lends itself to painting birds in the lightest and simplest way.

Hedge-Hoping – Baya in landscape , Water colour on Arches paper -29.5 x 18.8 in – Available
Rendezvous , Water colour on Arches paper – 18.2 x 12.2 in – Available $600 (Shipping additional)
Yellow-Footed Green Pigeons , Water colour on Arches paper, 29 x 19 in. Included “Birds In Art -2019”.
At Wichita Falls Museum Texas from Jan 17 – Feb 22, 2020
Available – Contact Manisha – manisha.padhye@gmail.com for enquiry
Manisha-Padhye- Rhino and the oxpecker
Rhino and the oxpecker ,22″ by 15″, watercolour on Arches paper. “Living in harmony – the rhino and the oxpecker.”
African-Waterbuck , Living in the moment
Defassa Waterbuck , 22″by 25″, watercolour on Arches paper. “Beautiful light fell on this waterbuck as it stood in a grassy field, meditatively, soaking in the sunlight.”
Rufous Paradise flycatcher in Winter
Rufous Paradise flycatcher in Lannea coromandelica – Indian Ash Tree, begining of winter, 30″x 22″, Watercolour on Paper.
Tree and a crow
Tree , 22″x14″, Watercolour on paper
Superb Starlings Family
Juvenile superb starlings fighting, 22″x14″, Watercolour on Paper.
African Baglafect-Weaver
Baglafect-Weaver,22″x 30″, Watercolour on Paper.
Himalayan Laughing-thrushes
Laughing-thrushes, 22″x15″, Watercolour on paper
The yellow-billed Chough - Ladakh
The yellow-billed Chough, 22″x14″, Watercolour on Paper.
House-sparrows, watercolour on Paper SOLD
Giant African Eagle owl
Giant African Eagle owl, 20″x 14″, Watercolour on Paper.
At the break of dawn - black-winged Stilts
At the break of dawn – black-winged Stilts,22″x14″, watercolour on Arches paper.